A few months ago a friend took me to a Camera show at the Elks Lodge in Pasadena. We wanted to explore and play and check out some old vintage-y parts and pieces. My intention was to find an old Leica M as a companion to my M240 [Lilly]

I ended up falling in love with something altogether different.

This particular booth, run by Bill Rogers, featured a humble collection of twin lens reflex Mamiyas. They were unusual and beautiful, reminding me a Vivian Meyer snapping away on the streets of Chicago. I was most in awe of the ‘live view box’, the technical name for it of course. Looking through it felt like peeking at the world from back in time. Grainy and muted and moody. I picked it up and it was the end, or the beginning.

These images are from its first shoot during a lunch break while filming at The Ebell in Los Angeles. More Lunch Time Stories with Zander

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