After the excitement of getting my first medium format film camera I found myself in some trouble. I had some friends look at it and I tried researching on youtube to figure out why the film wouldn’t advance. It rolled so nicely at the camera store when I fell in love. Was this like all the other romances in my 20’s? Doomed?

I am the first to admit that one aspect of photography I could always improve upon would be my technical skills. I took it back to the seller to see if he could take a look. Turns out it wasn’t advancing film because I had the ‘lock’ switch on. I played with a roll of film just to get comfortable and felt good enough to carry it all the way to Montana.

A lot of lessons in getting this film back. I was consumed with worry that the images wouldn’t turn out, or that the film was bad or that I didn’t wind it properly or that it would ruin in the extreme cold. I need to work on my focus points and compose stronger in square format so I can tell a better story. I am also trying to figure out the dials so you will see two similar images, told differently by camera settings.

With experience will come more confidence. I was happy to get this camera out and snap a few here and there while spending time in Big Sky. The grain is beautiful. My favorite are the little snowflakes captured in motion.

Hope you enjoy


Would love to know your thoughts on this format! Do you shoot on film? Used to? Maybe inspired to? Excited to see where these diaries take me. Thanks for taking some time to check these out 🙂

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