Well, why anything, really?

I came across a quote recently by Vi Keeland that read ‘if you want to know where your heart is look where your mind wanders’

My favorite thing is to travel. As a youngster we weren’t rich but we traveled. My mother raised us by herself as a school teacher which gave her the ultimate in holiday flexibility. We lived our school years in Texas and would pack up and spend our summers in Minnesota. We had friends, hobbies + lives in both places. This would put in place a certain kind of disconnect to any particular place in my childhood. In some ways, everywhere felt like home. Thus the early beginnings of a nomadic-type of lifestyle.

By age 18 I had been to Europe twice and some 41 different states including the weird ones Hawaii and Alaska. We traveled by car, train, boat, plane, rv, bus, bike, scooter and dog-sled.

Traveling expanded my world, allowing me to feel more connected to history, nature and the people in my life. It became a part of who I am.

The last four years I’ve spent being a wedding photographer. What started out as serving the Los Angeles area turned into serving all of California mainly because I love to travel up the coast.

In 2015 I set aside money most of the year to fulfill a bucket list goal: to live in Paris. I got an Airbnb apartment in the 1st down the street from the Opera Garnier and spent all of my days exploring and photographing the city. Looking back I seem slightly mad. In six weeks there was maybe one day where I didn’t leave my flat. I was out biking, walking + exploring. I was hungry to learn and be alive in the city, eager to tell all of the stories I could with my camera.

From there I came back the next summer, getting local bookings and continuing to build my portfolio so I could start getting larger jobs in the city.

It took some time but I starting slowly shooting weddings, elopements and portraits in France + Europe. I actually was commissioned in the summer of 2018 to photograph the WeWork locations in Paris, one of the locations being Thomas Jefferson’s old Apartment when he served as Ambassador to France.

I’ve now photographed in several different states including California, Montana, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and internationally in France, England, Iceland, Ireland, Indonesia and Croatia.

When I’m not traveling for work I’m thinking of where I’d like to visit next for leisure. I keep an ongoing list of five places I’d like to visit at all times. I daydream about the places I’ve seen. The images and experiences stay with me. I’m often reminded of sunsets or meals I had or thrilling experiences or cute animals I met.

We are all made up of the places we have been.

This is my home for some of my own experiences. An extended library and portfolio, if you will.

So, I’m happy you stumbled across my little corner of the web. Thanks for taking time to read this. My hope is that you’ll stick around and check out some things that will inspire and hopefully help you in planning future adventures of your own.


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paris: the first summer


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